YouTuber Spends A Whole Night in Vending Machine!

While this YouTuber says she hates tight spaces, she definitely puts herself up for this challenge. She decides to put up a video of herself trying to get through one night confined in a vending machine! This could be scary to a lot of claustrophobes and not to mention that one’s movement and activity would be limited. Regardless, she still pushes through the night.

Taking Survival to A Different Level

As mentioned beforehand, the YouTuber would have limited activity, most especially in a regular vending machine. Sure some racks were moved out for her to fit, but other than that, she will have to find some way to keep herself entertained or busy while staying in there.

Getting Through The Night

The video does show a time-lapse of how the YouTuber has made it through the night. The struggle was definitely real as sleeping in a small space such as that of the vending machine can prove to be quite the challenge. Before entering the late night, she was able to invite some friends over and have some fun while also allowing herself to ease herself of the boredom of being locked inside.

Do check out the full video here and see how far she’s gotten through the night and what else she did while inside.







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