YouTuber Sees If 10-year Predictions Came True This 2022

A lot of people have been coming out and presenting that they are time travelers or even being bold enough to make some predictions for the years to come. This YouTuber has done just that ten years ago and makes this video to see if he had gotten any of his predictions correct.

Ahead of Time

Looking back at his work ten years ago, YouTuber: Tom Scott has reviewed all his predictions regarding some of the political predictions he had made from back then. He then says early on in the video that he has gotten all of those predictions wrong.

Not Too Late

While some of his predictions did not go as planned, the YouTuber definitely had some that were right on point. One prediction he got was on how the iPhone has changed its user interface and how mobile networks would change over the course of time. He claims that this may be an easy hit but there are quite more to his other predictions.

Check out more of the video here and see for yourself if he got a lot more right.







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