YouTuber Invents First Ever Working Lightsaber and Wins A Guinness World Record

Star Wars fans all around the world are now shocked and amazed at this YouTuber’s latest feat. He has done the almost impossible and created a real working and retractable lightsaber based from the franchise! Being set with just toys and replicas, this can be seen as groundbreaking in the field of science as well.

The Force is Strong With This One

Alex Burkan, a Russian social media sensation is now widely credited with creating a lightsaber that looks nearly identical to the real one.  Alex’s lightsaber can generate a one-meter-long plasma blade with temperatures that exceed 2,800°C.

There is No Try

When he was working on hydrogen generation equipment, he realized he could use some of his skills to create a lightsaber. He was already using this electrolyser for his motorcycle, but he tinkered with it to make the plasma blade shape he needed for his weapon.

Be sure you check out the whole video about this great invention right here and be amazed yourself!







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