Woman Learns the Purpose of the Extra Portion in Shopping Carts

An excited woman posted on TikTok after discovering the potential uses for the additional parts of a shopping cart.

There’s a Purpose for that?

A shopping cart may be used for so many things. When you were younger, you could catch a free ride to be carried about the marvels of the supermarket, sneaking a bag of candy and throwing it in the cart while your parents weren’t paying attention.

On a wild night out, abandoned supermarket trolleys that have been left standing on the street are likewise alluring vehicles that inevitably result in someone being thrown over the side and pushed onto the curb.

Returning to the purpose of a trolley, one mother has taken to social media after realizing how handy the smaller compartments are.

Money Mum, a TikToker, uses the site to provide her followers with money advice and other helpful hints.

In one of her recent videos, the mum covered a variety of topics, including the newest fashion trends and makeup knockoffs, as well as her “shock” discovery about the purpose of the extra compartments in the shopping cart while she was out buying groceries.

Gemma found that the two metal slots that flip onto the narrow piece of the trolley’s end can carry a bouquet of flowers and a baguette with ease.

I can’t believe I didn’t know this is what they are for, the message says.

While the mother’s realization was novel, not all of her followers were as shocked by the explanation of why the trolley has two holes and a smaller compartment.

Pretty sure there used to be instructions on the trolley handle to tell you what they were for, but in any case, it’s pretty clear really, one person commented.

Yes, some of us have been doing this for a while, but another person said, “I suppose I’m a little older than u dear xx.”

One chuckled, “I assumed those were for wine,” though.

“I’ve never seen these on trams,” a fourth person wrote.

Finally, someone remarked, “They’re ancient trolleys.”

Organization is essential, especially when you’re at the Aldi or Lidl check-out and a staff person is shooting products your way before you can even open a plastic bag since they’ve basically been trained at an Olympic level of scanning items.

So why not try Gemma’s hack the next time you go grocery shopping by picking up a baguette, some flowers, or a few bottles of wine.



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