Why He’s Reprising His Role as Walter White, According to Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston is making a comeback to television as Walter White almost ten years after donning the fabled bald helmet for the first time.

He looks cool though

In the renowned Breaking Bad, the 66-year-old actor portrayed a shy chemistry teacher who evolved into a drug lord after learning that he had terminal illness.

While Breaking Bad is not on Disney plus yet, it can be watched from Netflix straight from either your phones or tv. It’s also worth noting that in history, this seems pretty interesting.

The US series, which began airing in 2008, was a huge hit with audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

Cranston took some time away from his current role as a tortured judge in the gripping courtroom thriller Your Honour to reflect on his earlier work in absolute secrecy.

But this isn’t the first time Cranston has gone back to the part.

Additionally, he made an appearance in two episodes of the Breaking Bad precursor and sequel Better Call Saul.

Fans will now have the opportunity to see him in the notorious pork pie hat once more as their favorite chemistry instructor who makes crystal meth in a special Super Bowl commercial.

Together with his co-star Aaron Paul, they will recreate a scene from the beloved episode “4 Days Out,” and internet previews for the commercial have already started to surface.

“I went back as Walter White in the series Better Call Saul because it seemed fitting, and I thought it would be wonderful to go back and see all the people and to wear those shoes, those glasses, and the bald hat again,” he said in an interview with Digital Spy.

“Yeah, I’ll do that, I said. The Super Bowl ad for PopCorners is now out, and filming it was a ton of fun, he said, describing how much he enjoyed portraying the character in a lighter context.

We’re making these PopCorners [in the RV] instead of crystal meth, and you know, it’s a pretty nice snack, he said.

Fans are now asking if the Emmy Awards-winning actor will ever reprise his cherished Malcolm In The Middle role after his reprise of one enduring character.

In the comedic series, which had 151 episodes, Cranston played the patient father Hal in the early 2000s.

“You know the proverb, “Never say never”? I’m open to hearing anything right now, in my situation, I’d consider anything,” he stated. Who knows, then? ”

While Cranston has been reticent to say if he will return as Hal, he has shared some behind-the-scenes information.

He recounted that Aaron Paul overindulged in the phony meth during a Hot Ones interview in an effort to remain up for a late shoot.

Even though the “product” was actually merely blue-tinted rock candy, Cranston reprimanded his co-star for doing so.

We were working in our lab, downstairs in our dungeon, and Gus Fring was making sure we were working. It was probably the 16th or 17th hour when Cranston first tried it.

Aaron Paul is seen reaching into our merchandise and putting the methamphetamine in his mouth. What are you doing, I ask. He chuckled, “You can’t consume the stuff.

Despite this, Cranston quickly joined in and praised the show, calling it “quite nice.”



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