When Royalty and Screenwriting Collide: A Meghan Markle Tale

A seemingly simple line of dialogue had to be rewritten once Meghan Markle started dating members of the Royal Family, according to the creator of the legal show Suits.

Sometimes in the world of entertainment, unexpected challenges arise when real-life royalty mingles with the fictional world. Such was the case for Meghan Markle during her ‘Suits’ days, and the tale is one that will tickle your fancy!

A Script, A Star, and A Royal Stipulation

In the bustling world of film and television, script changes aren’t uncommon. They can happen due to various reasons: a location isn’t available, an actor falls sick, or sometimes, just because the director had a dream the night before and thought of a “cooler” dialogue.

But, imagine the writers of “Suits” learning they had to change a script because of a royal mandate. Yep, you heard that right!

Meghan Markle, once Rachel Zane on ‘Suits’, became globally recognized not just for her acting prowess but also for her connection with British royalty.

When Meghan stepped into the spotlight as Prince Harry’s beloved, she brought with her a new set of royal rules and protocols, ones that, apparently, also apply to the scripts of television dramas!

The Word That Caused a Royal Stir

Rumor has it that there was one particular word in a ‘Suits’ script that didn’t sit well with the Palace. Now, before you get too curious, it wasn’t anything scandalous, offensive, or even remotely controversial in the usual sense.

But it was a word that those in the Palace deemed not quite appropriate for someone of Meghan’s royal stature.

While the exact word remains a well-guarded secret, fans and media have had a field day guessing. Some believe it might have been a term too “common,” while others think it could’ve been something that hinted at Meghan’s then-budding romance with Prince Harry.

Whatever it was, the ‘Suits’ creators were good sports and promptly made the necessary changes.

One might wonder: “How did the royal family even get wind of a script from an American TV show?” Well, when you’re about to marry into the royal family, there’s little that escapes the eagle eyes of the Palace aides!

In the grand scheme of things, a single word being changed in a television script may seem trivial. But this delightful anecdote reminds us of the fascinating confluence of two worlds: the age-old traditions of royalty and the ever-evolving realm of modern entertainment.

Meghan Markle’s journey from actress to Duchess and then to an advocate for numerous causes is nothing short of a modern-day fairy tale. Only in this fairy tale, there are script revisions, television cameras, and a sprinkle of royal protocol.

As fans of both the movies and the monarchy, we couldn’t have asked for a better crossover episode.

So the next time you’re binging ‘Suits’, take a fun guess which word might have gotten the royal boot. And remember, even in the glamorous world of television and palaces, sometimes you’ve just got to follow the rules!



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