What to Expect in Pokemon Generation 9 Competitive Play

Generation 9 of the Pokemon franchise is finally here! With a whole new set of games, new regions to explore, and many exciting new additions to the series, fans are eager to see what this generation has in store.

New Pokemon means new tactics!

But one question on most competitive players’ minds is: which Pokemon will be dominating the competitive scene? Let’s go over some possible candidates for Generation 9’s competitive metagame.

Mamoswine – Mamoswine is a ground and ice type Pokemon. Its high attack and HP stats make it an ideal choice for physical attackers, while its ability Thick Fat makes it resistant to both fire-type and ice-type attacks.

It also has access to powerful moves like Icicle Crash, Earthquake, and Rock Slide that can be used to take out opposing teams quickly. Furthermore, Mamoswine’s unique typing allows it to resist common types like grass and bug, making it a great option for dealing with those opponents as well.

Hawlucha – Hawlucha is a flying/fighting type Pokemon that comes equipped with strong attack stats as well as excellent speed. Its unique typing gives it multiple advantages in battle such as immunity from ground-type moves and resistance or even immunity from fighting-type moves.

On top of that, Hawlucha has access to powerful moves like High Jump Kick, Brave Bird, and Flying Press which give it an edge over other fighting-types in the current meta.

Dragapult – Dragapult is a dragon/ghost type pokemon with impressive attack stats. Its signature move Dragon Darts deals massive damage while also allowing Dragapult to switch out quickly if needed.

This makes Dragapult incredibly difficult to counter due to its versatility in battle. In addition, Dragapult’s dragon typing gives it access to powerful STAB moves like Draco Meteor that can take down opposing pokemon quickly and easily.

Generation 9 of Pokemon looks set to be an exciting one when it comes to the competitive scene!

With plenty of new pokemon being introduced into the mix along with old favorites returning, there are sure to be plenty of great options for players looking for their next team member or core strategy partner!

Keep an eye out for these three contenders as they may very well become your go-to when planning your next team composition or tournament run! Good luck trainers!

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