What Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Said in the Deadpool 3 Video Was Revealed by a Lip Reader

A well-known online lip reader has provided some insight into what Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman may have been saying in the most recent Deadpool 3 teaser film.

If you missed it, yesterday’s announcement that Jackman would return to play Wolverine alongside Reynolds’ Deadpool led to them sharing a little more information about Deadpool 3 today.

Deadpool’s back!

However, music begins to play over the footage just as the two actors begin to describe what seems to be an extremely brutal battle sequence between Deadpool and Wolverine, making it difficult to understand what they are saying.

Jomboy fortunately came to the rescue. The sports content producer Jomboy is best renowned for his lip-reading analyses of crucial on-field exchanges during baseball games, which allow you to see what players, coaches, or umpires are saying without being able to hear them.

Since Jomboy claims to have over 2,000 lip-reading films on his channel, this is clearly not amateur lip-reading.

The lip-reading analysis, however, confirms what we previously knew: Jackman and Reynolds are merely retelling a fight scene between the two characters with little to no additional information. To witness the entire description of this fight, check the video down below.

In essence, Reynolds and Jackman discuss Wolverine and Deadpool stabbing one another with their swords and claws, respectively. However, because they can both heal faster than usual, they are both in good health and are enjoying their argument.

In case you were concerned that there wouldn’t be any explosions in Deadpool 3, Jackman also adds a “big huge f***ing explosion.”

Jackman says something along the lines of “we’re in our prime,” which is a fascinating tidbit. This aligns with Reynolds and Jackman’s claims that Logan is a “completely separate thing” and hints that Wolverine won’t have the same physically degenerated state we saw in Logan.



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