What It Looks Like When Your Owners are Going for a Trip

It would certainly be a challenge for pet owners when they have to go for a travel or an office trip. This even gets harder when no one would look after your furry friends. With that in mind, this cat owner has devised a plan that has TikTok viewers buzzing on his video.

A Five Course Meal

This cat owner plans to go for a travel and leave his cat at home. While no one would be watching over the cat, this owner thinks of a clever way to feed the little guy while he’d be away. Although this might work to some extent, it has sparked a lot of feedback in the TikTok community.

What’s Going to Happen

At the start of the video, the cat was unsure of what would happen. Seeming though as the cat was overwhelmed by the amount of food in front of him, the TikToker then explains it in the video what his master plan is all about once he leaves.

Check out this video here to see how the cat reacts to all that food!






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