What Happened to Jack Marston After Red Dead Redemption is Confirmed by GTA 5

Ever wonder what happened to Jack Marston after Red Dead Redemption’s closing credits? He may have led a totally different, calm life, according to a GTA V Easter egg.

Red Dead Redemption Easter Egg

The protagonist of Red Dead Redemption, Jack Marston, appears in Grand Theft Auto V as an Easter Egg at Franklin’s house. This might potentially be a preview for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 3 release.

Action-adventure open-world shooters Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 are set in a fictitious version of the American Wild West. The original Red Dead Redemption follows former bandit John Marston as he tries to build a life for himself and his family in an intimate and sometimes brutal depiction of the time.

Red Dead Redemption 2, the prequel to the previous game, continues John’s time as a member of the Van der Linde gang from the viewpoint of another criminal, Arthur Morgan.

The tales of Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 both come to terrible ends, however, the Marston Easter Egg in GTA 5 could allude to a brighter ending for John’s son, Jack.

The son of John Marston, Jack Marson, tracks down and assassinates Edgar Ross in the epilogue of the original Red Dead Redemption.

This is supposed to be a terrible ending because, before to the passing of his father, Jack had been more interested in reading and literature than in leading an outlaw or bounty hunter lifestyle.

So he got reincarnated?

If you look closely enough, GTA V and the Red Dead Redemption games appear to be connected in a number of ways.

Previously, it was hypothesized that Tom, a member of the Epsilon Program, may have traveled across time to become Francis Sinclair’s father from Red Dead Redemption 2 into GTA V. At first, that might seem like a stretch, but the data really fits pretty nicely.

One significant Red Dead Easter egg discovered in GTA V, as noted by fans on Reddit, appears to provide some insight into Jack Marston’s destiny.

One user offered a detailed depiction of the character’s destiny after the first game in a comment thread: “After killing Edgar Ross, Jack travels far into Mexico and lives low for a year or two,” they said.

He then goes back north, spends some time in the great outdoors, and finally makes his way to Saint-Denis, where he boards a boat for England. settles down, marries, has children, and achieves fame as a writer of western stories.

What proof do we have for this, then? Some players in GTA V may have seen a book called “Red Dead” published by a “J. Marston”. among the two J.

There is only one Marstons that we are aware of, thus this can only be one. It’s unfortunate that we can’t read the book to confirm or refute the hypothesis because it’s purely decorative, but it seems quite plausible that our person settled down to a life of writing even if it’s unknown where precisely he traveled before this (if anyplace).

Alternatively, the book may just be a list of everyone’s favorite yeehaw games, but that’s not nearly as interesting to consider. Who knows, perhaps they’ll expand on this hypothesis in the series’ upcoming games.