Great Features of Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop has evolved from a simple photo editing tool to a market-leading software that controls the graphic design and multimedia industries around the world. With each new version of Photoshop that Adobe releases, the graphic design community eagerly anticipates the next major leap that Photoshop will take them. Now let’s take a look at a couple features of Photoshop that make it so great!

All Those Layers

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Just how did Photoshop replace commercial paints and take over the industry in such a short period of time? The layers palette bolstered the advantage of a software-based architecture. It gives the artist complete control over anything and everything that he is working on in one document.

A Whole Line of Tools

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The selection tools in Photoshop are so easy to use that designers all around the world have become addicted to them. However, there is a bunch competing software and open-source applications aimed at putting Photoshop to the test. Because of the simplicity with which Adobe’s torch bearer software may be used, users are still stuck with it.

Although it may not be perfect, Photoshop has helped out a lot of people in a whole variety of ways. While Adobe works on improving the software, users can still enjoy and experiment with its tools and also have a great time!