Wednesday Gets Taken Down from Netflix List of Most Watched Shows

The comedy-horror series Wednesday, which is based on Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, shattered this record last month. If you thought Stranger Things’ previous record for most hours seen was amazing, Wednesday’s first week completely destroyed it with a whopping 341.2 million hours watched. Despite this, according to UNILAD, it has already lost its top status in Netflix’s UK Top 10 rankings.

Fan Favorite

When the fourth season of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix earlier this year, it seemed impossible for anything to surpass its enormous viewership numbers. Fans watched it for a staggering 286.79 million hours in just the first week alone thanks to the intense buzz that surrounded it.

Rising Up

The new documentary series Harry & Meghan, which follows the story of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has launched Wednesday. The six-episode series had its Netflix debut on December 8; the last three episodes were scheduled to air on December 15. Even though the numbers from Wednesday were far higher, the show nevertheless managed to accrue 81.55 million hours of viewing between its premiere and December 11; this was enough to propel it to the top spot in the UK the previous week.

The series’ synopsis, via UNILAD, states that the documentary “does more than illuminate one couple’s love story; it paints a picture of our world and how we treat each other.” It “explores the clandestine days of their early courtship and the challenges that led to them feeling forced to step back from their full-time roles in the institution.” That doesn’t necessarily mean that the series has been doing well, despite its ranking. It presently has a critic score of 45% and an audience score of 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. That might be something we could all take a closer look into later on.



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