Watermelon Challenge by a Twitch Streamer Completely Ruins Her PC

The Amazon-owned streaming service is constantly jam-packed with bizarre and entertaining activities, such as streamers getting attacked by actual, live bats in the middle of a game or Tony the Tiger simply existing as a VTuber and having his own Frosted Flakes gaming setup (including a milk-cooled PC).

Watermelon Challenge Gone Completely Wrong

One streamer’s day recently took a very swift turn for the worst when she attempted the watermelon challenge live on broadcast from her bedroom, according to Dexerto.

For those who are unfamiliar, the challenge basically entails its participants wrapping the large fruit in hundreds of rubber bands until the pressure eventually causes it to explode.

It kind of turns into an extreme, juicy version of Buckaroo when more bands are added; you know it’s going to blow at some point, but you never know which band will be the melon’s breaking point.

Streamer Meowko believed she was prepared for the task by wrapping her PC in plastic wrap to shield it from the inevitable mess that will unavoidably result from it.

That, indeed, didn’t work. Dexerto claims that after spending over an hour wrapping the watermelon in over 220 rubber bands, it exploded and things didn’t turn out good. Look down below.


Meowko responded to the matter on Twitter and acknowledged that the explosion “killed” her PC. She said, “Never again in my room.” Please do not attempt this at home.