Watching myself smoke

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I like to watch myself when I smoke…, I smoke in front of my mirror sometimes so I can see myself when I am smoking.

After a puff I like to open my mouth and see the thick cloud of smoke floating around inside, then I love to see that smoke be pulled down as I inhale and disapear as it goes to my lungs.

Then I love to see the smoke stream as I exhale, watching that smoke being blown from my lips knowing it has done its job excites me for some reason.When I first started smoking I watched myself in a mirror to make sure that I was doing it right and to make it look as sexy as I could. I must have got it right because I had a lot of boys watching me when I smoked.Just like me, you probably can’t believe that you smoke. Maybe that’s why. I love my habit, as you do, I would guess. I love the whole smoking process, with the first two as my favorite! Keep enjoying!I used to like watching myself smoke to. After the years went by cigarette after cigarette, now I could care less. I just want a cigarette!After 15 years, I still enjoy watching myself smoke.I suppose I catch a glimpse from time to time. It’s only natural as I enjoy watching others. I like watching smoke exiting my body without using a mirror. I smoke unfiltereds and inhale deeply. When relaxing, I like seeing the ball of recaptured smoke reenter my body when snap inhaling. I am more interested in watching the residuals and know that I am smoking right by seeing Newport 100s Cigarettes 100 Cartons Sale ($19.5 Per Carton) four to five breathe cycles with observable smoke. Long direct inhales can produce at least ten. It is self abuse but extremely satisfying. If smoking with others, I usually get a comment.I don’t like watching my self smoke in a mirror but I like watching the smoke I exhale. If I take three or four continous inhales I can count up to 15 exhales that still have smoke. It just remindes me of how much smoke I actually took into my lungs. It also feels really good to pack that much smoke into my lungs.still enjoy watching myself smoke, fortunately I have a full length mirror so I sit, usually wearing leather, light up and enjoy it, seeing myself as a smoker, inhaling the lovely smoke deep into my body then as it leaves me. Reminds me why I took up this wonderful habit in the 1st place. almost as good as seeing a female wearing leather smokingI have done that a few times and even videotaped it once. Just couldn’t Newport 100s Cigarettes 100 Cartons Sale ($19.5 Per Carton) believe that I smoked is probably why I did it. Now, just until recently, I can hear myself on tapes as a three and four year old telling my mom I wanted a cigarette and asking for a puff on one. Damn! LOL I just wished I could remember it. Rats…I take 3 or 4 big inhales, and then breathe normally, and count how many times I can see the smoke coming out of my mouth or nose. I usually get 5 or 6, but once I counted to 10. That is a big turn on for me.I still love to watch myself smoke. For me smoking has become the ultimate act of self gratification. I enjoy watching my open mouth inhales, and my slow thick nose exhales more than anything else, but I also just like the way I look holding a cigarette between my lips.I have been smoking a four years now, started at 16 and still enjoy watching myself smoke.

It looks so natural and so meFor all my smoking attempts since 2008, I have videoed myself each and every time but as satisfying as it was to watch back smoking to me seemed like a taboo thing …. reserved for rebellious videos. Until tonight. I have bought myself, as mentioned in a thread I put up a week or so back, another pack of ten L&Bs and smoked them walking home. No cameras, I just smoked two one after the other.I understand you! I love see myself while I smoke a cigarette!

See myself a cigarette in my hand or in my mouth Give me more security and cool! With a cigarette I see the true my self: a cool smoker guy!My husband has taken to using his iPhone to video me smoking. At first I thought he was just playing with his new toy but after I watched the first video I Newport 100s Cigarettes 100 Cartons Sale ($19.5 Per Carton) discovered I liked watching myself smoke. I have been using the videos to refine my exhales and make them as sexy as possible. Seeing the smoke come out of my body is quite a turn on for both of us. The only “downside” is that watching them makes me want another cigarette.That’s not a downside icon_smile-4130433 相关的主题文章:

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