Voice Actor Who Plays Bender Returns For Futurama Reboot

John Dimaggio, who played an important role Futurama in the original series, has confirmed that he will reprise said role in the reboot. The announcement comes after Hulu announced that the adult cartoon series would be revived with 20 brand-new episodes.

Bite My Shiny Metal…

It was initially unknown whether Dimaggio would even attend the Futurama reunion because he has openly stated on Twitter that he and the other cast deserve more money for their labor.

Bending Up Some Negotiations

With the possibility of Dimaggio’s departure from the show, viewers were skeptical of the new season, unsure if the production could even replicate the show’s enchantment.  However, the 53-year-old voice actor is now aboard the production and will continue his part as the vulgar, bending robot after some lengthy talks and negotiations.

Check out John’s tweet and the thread about it all right here!