Voice Actor Patrick Warburton Unapologetic for Humor of “Family Guy”

It’s no secret that Family Guy is one of the most contentious television programs around. Despite being twice cancelled and receiving a deluge of irate parent emails, the TV program has grown to become one of the most popular and long-running animated comedy ever. The voice performers for the show still get harassment from time to time, despite this. And with that, Patrick Warburton claims he has stopped apologizing for Family Guy’s humor.

Having Enough

The actor who plays paraplegic police officer Joe Swanson, Warburton, claims he has given up trying to apologize for the crude gags in the program. “I used to apologize for being on Family Guy, and I apologize no more because this world is a horrible native satire. Everybody takes themselves too seriously, and, I think in many ways become an overwhelming mess. But we need humor in our lives, and we need love and humor, acceptance. It’s all rather simple,”   Warburton remarked in a Fox News interview.

A Concerned Citizen

Warburton’s mother, a devout Christian and active member of the Parents Television Council, has previously voiced her disapproval of the show. Barbara Warburton reportedly stated that she would go to any lengths to prevent vulgar television from “corrupting children.” Barbara had this to say in accordance to the Daily Mail:  “The wrong messages are out there and that’s my main concern. Shows like these are leading toward the destruction of morality, nothing seems sacred any more.”

Also, to add intrigue, according to The Destin Log, the show’s creaotr: Seth McFarlane has a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) complaint submitted by Warburton’s mother in his office. The Destin Log quoted Mrs. Warburton as saying that she had advised her son to stop acting in the vulgar farce. He won’t be leaving the program any time soon, but it appears that his mother’s influence has had some effect for now. Let’s just hope for the best outcome possible when it comes to all of this as it could affect a way lot more down the road.



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