Vince McMahon Claims He’s Done with WWE

WWE has seen significant transition in 2022. Stephanie McMahon succeeded Vince McMahon as WWE Chairwoman after Vince’s retirement from the company. Since Triple H is now in charge of WWE creative, McMahon is reportedly “done” with the company, according to Fightful Select.

No Chance

According to sources, the special committee has been totally disbanded and the inquiry into McMahon’s alleged misbehavior is over. McMahon will not be returning to WWE in any capacity, including that of an on-air character, Fightful Select adds.

How Things are Going

The morale in WWE is also at its highest level in ten years, according to a higher-up in the company. It’s wonderful to see that WWE’s fortunes are unquestionably improving.

It’s unsure if Vince would be influencing anything at all within the company, but regardless of his decision to leave the company, it would seem that the company is indeed in good hands.



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