Viewers Perplexed By “Doesn’t Make Sense” Winning Pool Shot

If you enjoy playing pool and have experienced losing on the black, the video below will demonstrate a method for getting the ball in from the sharpest of angles, assuming you can figure out how the individual in the video achieves it.


In all honesty, it might take a few viewings before you have a theory.

As you can see, the game, which was played at a pub, or anywhere else for that matter, came down to the very last ball, and one of the players tried to be clever by playing a safety shot.

Without delving too far into pool game protocol for safety shots, it appears like the first player has at least managed to hold his opponent at bay for one more shot.

See the full video here.


Physics? Yeah completed it mate #fyp

♬ original sound – Luke Collins

The second player steps up, aims at an angle across the ball, and manages to send the cue ball skittering across the table while the black ball rolls backwards into the pocket, seemingly adding more screw to the ball by striking it down.

Although it doesn’t appear to be conceivable, the video is accurate.

The video was first posted a few weeks ago by @luke23collins, a TikTok member. This doesn’t make sense, he properly notes in his narration of the brief footage.

How does the guy get the f***ing black ball in from here, he continues.

You either have an excessively curious mind or a physics degree if you can figure it out.

Naturally, opinions have been spoken.

Many people think that the black ball is essentially dragged in by the end of the cue as it follows through and catches it.

In that situation, it would be a foul and the frame would be forfeited.

Others, though, think that there is some significant talent and expertise on display here.

One said: “He puts spin on the right side of the black anti-clockwise which causes the Magnus effect to carry it into the pocket.

“Very hard shot, fair play.”


Without going into too much detail, the Magnus effect is a phenomena that happens when things are spinning. It is frequently seen when football players successfully curl a free-kick or when baseball pitchers throw a curveball.

In this instance, the commentator believes it causes the black to advance in the direction of the pocket.

Someone said, “He creates backspin with the white and it’s [the black] against the side so it creates more backspin.”

As a third added: “Not impossible, just very difficult.”

No matter what happened, it’s totally amazing.



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