Viewers Have Been Perplexed by An Incredibly Plausible Stranger Things Halloween Decoration

Go home with your pumpkins in hand because a couple just won Halloween with a spectacular Stranger Things display.

The decorations portray the well-known “Running up that Hill” sequence from season four of the popular program on Netflix.

For those who are unfamiliar, the scene depicts Max utilizing her favourite Kate Bush song to fight her way out of Vecna’s grasps in the Upside Down.

It’s safe to say that the scenario was popular with viewers and helped push Bush’s song to the top of the charts this summer. It has since sparked some of the best decorations that we’ve ever seen.

Check it out below:

And we have a winner!

Users who shared their amazing handy work on TikTok titled the post, “Max! With no wires or platform in sight, Max is depicted as being suspended in midair in the decorations.

Since that had to be one of the most lifelike props we’ve ever seen, it’s safe to say that everyone lost their sh*t, including ourselves.

I need to know how she’s up there. Please remind me when the revelation video is released, said one TikTok user who was perplexed.

Someone else merely stated, “This is crazy fantastic!”

One person responded in the style of Mrs. Doubtfire, saying, “Kate Bush: Help is on the way, sweetheart!

Another said: “Imagine being a neighbour who didn’t watch Stranger Things. The neighbours are in for a scare.”

“Our neighbours didn’t watch it, but they knew where it came from,” the gifted couple retorted.

Even still, it’s not exactly what you anticipate seeing as you arrive at work in the morning and go up to your neighbours’ house.

Even Fallon Tonight appeared to appreciate the accolades, writing under the video, “This is awesome!”

The duo had to be “#001 fans for sure,” according to Netflix.

For those who haven’t watched the show, Vecna was given the name #001 while he was a patient at Hawkins Lab.

When asked if they would be willing to assist with the show’s upcoming series, they said, “OMGGGGG!!! Definitely #001 and #002.

Then get ready for season 5.



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