Videos of Gameplay of GTA VI Leaked

There may have been a leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 images. Numerous videos of the game that Rockstar is currently working on have appeared online. About GTAForums, user teapotuberhacker shared a file with information on said leaks.

Familiar Features

Soon later, the clips started to circulate on Twitter and YouTube. The pictures depict robbery, gunplay, fully taped discussions, and other incidents. And on other videos, there are also debug components that resemble the development tools for Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Sauce?

Although the origin of the films has not been confirmed, a cyberattack may be to blame. According to Teapotuberhacker, the files were immediately obtained from Rockstar’s internal Slack channels. In this article, there are no links to the videos.

The videos’ veracity has generated a lot of discussion. Although Take-Two and Rockstar, the game’s publisher and developer, have not yet commented, it would be intriguing if the videos were removed. After months of speculation, GTA 6 was finally verified this year. However, further official information won’t be released until Rockstar is prepared.



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