Hidden Features of iPhones

Technology has never ceased to amaze us and it will continue to just that until the end of time. And when it comes to the everyday technology that we use, lots of them have different features for our routines, but they also have some other hidden uses as well. Take the iPhone for example, there may be some features that you might not have know. Let’s check out a couple of those right here!

Charging with Style

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This one is for those who are in love with the idea of personalization. If that’s the case, the thought of creating a beautiful charging animation for your iPhone will keep you on your toes when it comes to iPhone features. Keep in mind that this trick requires you to download a charging animation app in addition to the Shortcuts app. Select the desired charging animation and then use the Shortcuts app to set it up once you’ve installed your chosen charging animation app.

One Handed Keyboards

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When you want to type with one thumb, I recommend utilizing a one-handed keyboard. And after giving it a couple tries, everyone would have a blast with it. To begin, open your iPhone’s Messages app and then tap and hold the tiny globe icon. After that, decide whether you want to use the left or right keyboard. Then, to type comfortably, start typing with your thumb. Touch and hold the globe icon again after using the one-handed keyboard on your iOS device, then select the keyboard icon in the middle.

The iPhone is revolutionary on its own terms and functions, but with these neat tricks, you could have and do so much more with little effort! There are more hidden features for your to find out and all it needs is a little tinkering!