Logan Paul Unboxes Valuable Base Set and Finds Out He Lost $3.5 Million On Fake Pokémon Cards!

In one of his recent videos, Logan Paul took it to YouTube and other social media platforms to tell the world that his valuable “Base Set” of Pokémon cards were actually all fakes. He and his crew opened up the box and were disappointed to see what was in them this whole time.

Did He Catch Them All?

In the video, he explains that he lost about 3 and half million dollars to these fake cards but it still hopeful with his new energy drink “Prime”. Despite the incident, he still seems to be his cheery self and has done quite well with the video itself.

What’s So Special About Pieces of Cardboard?

Logan was hoping to get 11 first edition base set Pokémon cards but ended up with something far different from their expectations. Just as many people and other YouTubers have noticed, this decision has come to haunt Logan. Upon opening the boxes, he and his crew were shocked to find out they were all fakes. They were G.I. Joe cards and the boxed were all authenticated, needless to say, both the card authenticators and Logan Paul were scammed.

Make sure you check out the whole video of the unboxing here and see the cards for yourself.







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