Users on Twitter Vote for Elon Musk’s Resignation

After the billionaire sponsored a referendum on his future, Twitter users chose to have Elon Musk resign as the platform’s CEO. After Mr. Musk posed the question to his 122 million followers, 57.5% of them chose “yes.”

The Aftermath

Before the voting closed, Mr. Musk, who paid $44 billion for Twitter, declared that he would follow the outcome. Since gaining control of the website, the tech tycoon who also owns Tesla and Space X has come under heavy fire. Since the poll concluded, Mr. Musk has yet to respond. He would still be the owner of Twitter even if he were to step down as CEO. On Monday, more than 17.5 million users participated in his poll, with 42.5% rejecting Elon Musk’s resignation.

What They Had to Say

The BBC was told by a former employee of Twitter who just departed the company that Mr. Musk was “proving himself to be the useless moron we all knew he was.” According to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, “His investors are surely looking at this now and questioning whether he was the right horse to back. “I imagine he’s getting pressure from investors to step down and is using this poll to make it look like he’s following the will of the people instead of those paying his bills.

The survey findings were the culmination of a flurry of events that occurred over the previous few days, including the suspension of journalists, which was denounced by news organizations, advocacy groups, and officials from all over Europe. Even ardent followers turned against the company once rival social networking platforms like Facebook were abruptly banned from using their services. Paul Graham, the founder of startup fund Y-Combinator and a supporter of Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, announced on Sunday that he will stop using Twitter and encouraged his followers to find a link to his Mastodon account on his personal website.



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