US Lab Hopes to Bring People Back to Life By Freezing Their Bodies

There are many movies and shows out there that show the same scenario of a person being cryogenically frozen then suddenly waking up in the far future. Life most of those scenes we’ve watched, there is a real life laboratory aiming to replicate that and do much more in the fields of science, medicine and discovery.

Frozen in Time

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation This is a lab that freezes the bodies, or heads, of the clinically dead by gradually reducing their body temperature and depositing them in massive liquid nitrogen tanks (or insulated metal dewars) that will serve as their new and chilling homes for the next decades to come.

Living In the Future

The idea that they have is just as the same as in the movies. Hoping to bring the dead back to life in the future where everything is advanced and presumably better than the present. Of course, that in hopes to get yourself in this program, you would have to pay about $80,000 up to $220,000.

Be sure to check out the whole video of the lab and how things work right here.







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