Getting to Know What’s New With The iPhone 5

While iPhones can be revolutionary and continuing to improve, there are still a lot more it can offer than a new look and better specs. The manufacturers over at Apple work hard to make it better, and now, let’s take a look at some of those new features of the iPhone 5.

Better Hardware

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Coming after the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 has come out with a 4 inch Retina Display screen with a 1136 x 640 resolution. Not like other earlier models, the Retina Display is able to pack in 326 pixels per inch which makes up for any poor graphics from the last models.

And Even Stronger

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The iPhone 5 is the first iPhone model to use the Apple A6 processor. Apple has also claimed that this processor offers up to twice the performance of the A5 chip that was used in iPhone 4S models.

Not only does Apple continue to improve on their phones, but they make sure they pack quite the punch when it comes to performance. Seeing their success continue to boom, it would only be a matter of time until they unveil something brand new and unique that would be the envy of other brands.