Uncle Takes VR to the Extreme

Virtual Reality can be a great way to relax and to spend some time. This video here shows us how real VR can actually be. We can all get caught up in the action but at the end of the day, we would always want to do something to keep us moving and also happy while we’re at it. Now this guy takes all that to the next level.

Going All Out

The video shows us how the recorder got his uncle a VR boxing game and how the uncle tried it out. Luckily they had an open space to work with. The space allows the uncle to have a lot of room to work with and move around quite well. All focal points to a boxing match, to be honest. He also seems to be enjoying the game a whole lot.

Being Part of the Game

While the recording continues, the uncle shows off his quick punches and few moves that could definitely give any opponent a run for his money. He proceeds to go all out just like above and throw in a few kicks for good measure. He definitely loves the game and is getting a great work out from it. Getting caught up in a game can be quite fun and he definitely made the most out of that.

Check out the video here to see all the moves he pulled out and a great ending to his virtual boxing match.







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