Two Planes Crash Into Each Other at Heathrow Airport

Yesterday (September 29) evening, a Korean Air and an Icelandair aircraft were involved in a “small collision.” The incident is now under investigation, and passengers are urged to check with their airlines on the status of their flights.

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Despite the fact that emergency services were contacted, according to London Ambulance Service (LAS), no one needed medical attention.

Journalist Dan Sabbagh of the Guardian, who was traveling aboard the Korean Air aircraft, claimed that it appeared as though it had “clipped” the other plane.

I’m on a Korean Air plane that clipped an Icelandair plane at Heathrow. A passenger on the opposite side who witnessed the incident told me that our plane’s wing damaged the other plane’s tail.

“I was on this plane, but I can’t say that we experienced any interior sensations. No obvious threat, no injuries.

Emergency services are responding to an incident involving two aeroplanes on the airfield, according to a representative for the airport.

Emergency services are on the scene to make sure all passengers and crew are safe and well even though no injuries have been recorded.

A LAS spokesperson stated: “At 8:06 p.m. today, we received a call informing us of an issue at Heathrow airport.

“Our Hazardous Area Response Team (HART), a clinical team leader, a cycle responder, and an incident response officer were among the resources we dispatched to the location.

Nobody needed medical attention or to be sent to the hospital, despite our attendance at a passenger reception centre.