Tragedy Strikes as 75 Year Old Man Dies After Falling Into Volcano

Recent news has come in wherein a 75 year old man has fallen to his demise from a viewing platform. What seemed to be a harmless viewing of a volcano has proved to be too much for the man but he will not be forgotten by his peers and family.

Later Found

Park rangers have searched all over the Kilauea volcano, located in Hawaii, and still have turned out with no answers as they were also beginning to worry about what had happened. Needless to say they kept their search active and did not stop until they had at least found the body of the man.

Being Active in a Volcano

Since the volcano had erupted back in September, tourists have flocked to it to get a better look at the lava and magma. This has then led to speculation on the part of the investigation of the park rangers. Their spokesperson stated to the public that the man’s body was found in a site that is closed to the public. A place where multiple had signs had been put up to warn tourists and others, Whether this had truly been an accident or not, the man will be missed and this also should remind more of us that visiting a volcano can still have its downsides.

Go and check out the reporting in the video here and find out what else happened during their search.






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