Tommy Fury Hands Jake Paul His First Boxing Loss

Jake Paul recently suffered his first defeat in his young boxing career. The YouTuber-turned-prizefighter has amassed wealth in recent years by preying on overmatched creators, ex-basketball players, and MMA fighters who are past their prime. The 26-year-old, however, quickly fell apart at an event on Sunday in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, where he faced a real boxer for the first time.

Setting the Tone

Because of Tommy Fury, a former reality TV star, and Paul’s fame as an internet celebrity, the match drew attention outside of the boxing community. So even though this fight didn’t feature the greatest of boxing, British amateur Fury still showed some talent to balance out Paul’s renowned power. He stood in stark contrast to Paul, who found it difficult to fight as skillfully near the end of the fight as he did in the beginning, in terms of boxing knowledge, stamina, and ability to pace the fight appropriately.

A Controversial Finish

Fury had to get up off the floor when the American knocked him down in the middle of the fight, but he had still done enough to win by decision after eight rounds, according to three ringside judges. According to Compubox data provided to Insider, Fury was by far the more effective fighter by the time the bout came to a close. He connected on 88 of the 302 shots he had thrown, as opposed to Paul’s 49 of 157. Paul, on the other hand, disputed the outcome, claiming that he believed he had done enough to merit the victory on the scorecards. Paul then declared, “I don’t think I agree with the judges.”

Paul’s defeat did not win the sympathy of other boxing figures. Hall of Fame boxer from the UK Carl Froch chuckled at the decision and praised Fury. Strangely, Paul changed his aggressive demeanor after losing, perhaps to make sure Fury maintained his promise of a rematch. Paul is required by contract to face Fury again, although it is not yet known if or when that fight will take place. We have wait to see on what decision comes for Jake, and hopefully deliver a great fight for the ages if one would come along soon!



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