Tom Cruise Interested in Shooting Movies Up on the International Space Station

Numerous movies have been set in space over the years, including Star Wars, Gravity, Interstellar, and Alien. Tom Cruise will film a movie at the International Space Station, according to a chairman of Universal.

Right at Home

Given that Cruise is famed for performing his own stunts, it’s not unexpected that he wants everything to appear as real as possible in his movies. Donna Langley, chairperson of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, has stated that the actor is capable of anything, not even the sky.

Reaching New Heights

Langley claimed in an interview with BBC News that Cruise is “leading the world to space,” not just the movie studio. Yeah, that’s the plan, we have a great project in development with Tom that does contemplate him doing just that. Taking a rocket up to the Space Station and shooting,” Langley elucidated.

Although the astronauts’ daily lives on board the International Space Station have previously been captured by cameras, Cruise’s effort will be the first cinematic picture of the space station, if ever it pushes thought though.