To Almost Completely Look Like A Dog, This Japanese Man Spent Almost $16,000 to Do So

A Japanese man spent over 2 million yen ($15,791) on a realistic border collie costume to imitate his favorite dog breed. Though most people would immediately see the differences, it would be up to you to see it for yourself.

The Secret Behind It

The man, named only as Toko, purchased the costume from Zeppet, a Japanese business known for making sculptures and models for films and commercials.

Pulling It Off

A Zeppet employee also discussed how his team was able to figure out how to match a dog’s figure to that of a human.

The notion is that a dog’s skeleton can be replicated on a human skeleton. We spent a lot of time studying how to make the skeleton look like a dog because the structure is so different.

And while it was quite difficult for the company, they pushed through and gave their customer the satisfaction he deserved. It’s also safe to say that with the costume, Toko could fool some people and also get the satisfaction he wanted from his costume.

Be sure to check out how he shows off his costume right here!