Ticket Holders Hold Up Their End of the Bargain for Clean Up Operation as Glastonbury Festival Ends

Workers have started an operation to clean up the trash and other items that festival goers left behind now that Glastonbury is over for another year. Even with that, ticket holders and attendees also did their fair share of cleaning up.

Quite the Effort

On June 27, after 200,000 attendees had left Worthy Farm after four days of seeing performances by artists including Billie Eilish, Sam Fender, and Paul McCartney, litter pickers arrived.

Terms and Conditions

When purchasing tickets for the festival, Glastonbury urged attendees to sign a pledge to “Love the Farm, Leave no Trace” in an effort to decrease the amount of trash generated there. The vow, which was included in Glastonbury’s terms and conditions, contained five recommendations that would aid in leaving the farm in better shape.

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