Three Florida Men Were Observed Swimming When Hurricane Ian Was Raging

Three men made the decision to go for the most terrifying swim of their lives as Hurricane Ian tore across Florida.

Quick Beach Swim

We hope that when you see an extreme weather warning for a category 4 storm, your first impulse isn’t to hurry to the beach for a short dip.

Even though the men’s identities haven’t been made public and there haven’t been any reports of injuries, it’s reasonable to say that nobody was particularly impressed with the men’s conduct.

One individual replied, “Oh wow, so people are waking up in the morning thinking it would be a good idea to go into the sea just now.

The Florida men, a second person said, were the cause of the warnings on hair dryers that seemed so obvious: “These gentlemen are the cause of the signs on hair dryers not to submerge in the water while using.”

Another said: “Hard to imagine the locals still assume stuff like this is like some kind of wave pool at the waterpark,” while questioning whether the boys found it entertaining to dive into really dangerous waves.

Local governors have pleaded with the world to “pray for people” in its path due to wind speeds of up to 155 mph and an extra 18 inches of rain.

The storm, which has already resulted in fatal flooding and power outages in Cuba, is anticipated to have an impact on millions of people, according to the BBC.

US Vice President Joe Biden even spoke in public to reassure the public that “We’ll be there at every step of the way” while the west coast prepared itself.

“To the citizens of the state of Florida, that is my sole commitment.”

In order to recover, clean up, and rebuild after the hurricane, Biden stated that all necessary resources will be made available as quickly as possible.