This TikToker Told His Boss That He Would Go For Below-Average Work for the Below-Average Pay He’s Getting

This TikToker has made an excellent point on the platform on how he should go about with his job. He then explains what has been going on as some people noticed a change in his work but he didn’t hesitate to let people know why.

Making It Fair

The TikToker explains that with how he sees his pay grade, he should only be working on the same level as his pay. It would only be fair to make himself fair market value for what he’s getting unless they pay him a higher amount.

He also states what most workers also are thinking but don’t have the courage to say or do. There may not be an incentive or initiative given to them to work or perform better. A huge part of the working class would also agree with his points and hope to also stand up to their bosses when the time comes.

Be sure tp check out the whole video right here and who knows, you might also agree with what he has to say!