This New Horror Movie Bags a Ton of Money With Just A Minimal Budget

With a $250,000 budget, Terrifier 2, the most repulsive horror film in recent memory that had viewers throw up and pass out, has recently pulled in a great box office haul.

What Its All About

Terrifier 2 picks off where Terrifier left off, with Art the Clown brought back to life by a strange demonic force that appears as a young girl wearing the same eerie makeup. The beast stalks the town on Halloween night after being set free to unleash terrible carnage on anybody he comes into contact with.

All the Way Up

Despite having sickening aesthetics, the movie has apparently been a great hit, earning $5.2 million against a $500,000 budget. Terrifier 2 started off as an Indiegogo project, and the excitement for the sequel to the clown’s tale caused the funds to more than triple their original target.

Make sure you check out the trailer of it right here!



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