This Guy Unfriend Male Friends of His Girlfriend While She Was Asleep!

A relationship can be a great thing and sometimes, even a bit stressful. Most of us know much about this and can’t stress how much it could sometimes be a pain to one another. While couples have their petty quarrels and problems, it seems like this couple may have a bit more than just a petty quarrel.

She Just Noticed

This TikToker took it to the net when she found out what was actually happening. In her recent video, she shows and explains how she just found out that one day, her male friends weren’t part of her friends list. Now this may seem like nothing too big, but when she noticed it happening constantly, she knew something was up.

When She Found Out

As shown in her TikTok video, it would seem that she had been unfriending all these guys but did it when she wasn’t either aware or even awake. Now she did a lot of thinking and found out that while she was asleep, it was actually her boyfriend who was doing the unfriending. This has sparked quite the outrage in the TikTok community and around the web. As this could be a huge issue to come out, be sure that you could trust those around you so you won’t end up just like her.

Be sure to check out the whole video on her TikTok right here:






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