This Cruise Offers A Full Refund If The Ship Ends Up Disappearing

Holidaymakers who have booked a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle have been warned that if the ship goes missing, they would receive a full refund. Passengers are paying up to almost $1,900 for a stateroom aboard the Norwegian Prima liner’s two-day voyage from New York to Bermuda, which departs March next year.

The Condition

The cruise line has also offered passengers a complete refund if the enormous ship disappears in the triangle where hundreds of vessels and planes are reported to have vanished in a light-hearted offer echoing the hotspot’s strange history.

To Look Out For

The tour, which is popular among conspiracy theorists, includes a twilight Bermuda Triangle cruise on a glass bottom boat, as well as discussions and Q&As with numerous guest speakers, including Nick Pope, author Nick Redfern, and a former UK Ministry of Defense employee.

While there are a lot of people going for some thrill, this may be just the thing they’re looking for. Though it would also be a good idea to take some caution and make sure that the trip won’t be anyone’s last.