This 16 Year Old Olympic Sensation Decides to Call It a Career as She Has Achieved All of Her Goals

Alysa Liu, an American figure skater, declared her retirement at the age of 16 after achieving all of her ambitions in the sport. The adolescent is a two-time national champion in the United States.

Feeling Accomplished

The Olympic bronze medalist began skating at the age of five and won her first US title at the age of thirteen, before making her Olympic debut in Beijing earlier this year. She is now retiring from figure skating after just over a decade, stating she has made “many good memories” and has stated that she is “satisfied” with her career.

All Good Now

Liu, who hails from Richmond, California, won her first US title at the age of 13 in 2019, breaking Tara Lipinski’s record as the country’s youngest national champion. The teenage athlete was able to defend her title one year later, this time with “two triple axels as well as the first quad jump by a woman in the US championships,” according to a news statement from Team USA.

As she has made it official on social media, a lot of her fans and team has thought that she might eventually make it back to the ice. Time will tell if she ends up coming back and wowing the crowd and everyone around the world once again.