The Youngest Lottery Winner in the UK Claims that She “Wouldn’t Wish It on Anyone”

Jane Park, the UK’s youngest lottery millionaire, expressed her desire to never have won.

Who’s Jane Park and what did she do with the money?

Jane Park, the winner of the Edinburgh EuroMillions, has been candid about her experiences as a result of winning such a sizable sum of money at such a young age. Her life was irrevocably changed by the victory, which catapulted her into the spotlight and made her a local superstar.

When Jane Park was just 17 years old, she purchased her very first lottery ticket and won the EuroMillions. She won a cool £1 million, making her one of the youngest Brits ever to win the lotto.

One of her first gifts to herself was a trip to Magaluf, along with a Louis Vuitton purse and a chihuahua named Princess. She then purchased a three-bedroom home on an estate in East Lothian, but shortly thereafter returned to live with her mother.

At the age of 19, Jane underwent a breast augmentation and received a tattoo in honor of her favorite football team, Hibernian.

Scary Experience

At the age of 17, Park won a million pounds on the Euromillions, but she has since acknowledged the great victory wasn’t what it seemed.

Park will be a guest on a Dr. Phil program titled The Curse of the Lottery. Park has previously discussed the difficulties that come after winning the lottery.

The famous psychologist is heard in the show’s teaser questioning Park about the difficult times she experienced after getting wealthy, saying: “You had stalkers, death threats…”

“I wish I’d never won it, I wouldn’t want it on anyone,” Park retorted.

Park posted the trailer on Instagram and urged her 217,000 followers to watch.

“Tomorrow CBS 4pm America, 9pm UK. I know CBS is on fire sticks so that’s probably your best shot to view it, if not the program will ultimately be on YouTube. Aaah could scream,” she said in the caption of the video she posted.

The billionaire previously discussed how she came to “loathe” her new life in an interview with LADbible.

Park, from Edinburgh, said: “I literally reached the point of saying, “I detest this.”

“I simply remember thinking, “I’m so young,” and “Why would someone subject such a young person to such emotions?”

I can appreciate how simple it would be for your life to spin out of control.

Park has also spoken about the horrific hatred she received once the news of her victory spread via the media.

In an interview with Tyla, she stated: “When the news broke that I planned to suit, I experienced the greatest hatred online.

“I was threatened with an acid assault, and others were yelling things like, “Die.

“I remember feeling like my life was s**t; people were hating on me, and I was just this little kid who just wanted to be heard.

“I believed it would be fantastic; I would become a huge, obnoxious star who would frequently appear on red carpets and other events.

“I was actually sobbing myself to sleep in a three-bedroom house by myself.”

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