The Truth Behind Movie Open Water: Married Couple Gone After Left on Driving Trip

A lot of movies were based on true stories and the movie “Open Water” is a good example for that fact. The married couple had signed up for a one day trip to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. And just like in the movie, something had gone wrong during the trip.

They Were Just There

Tom and Eileen Lonergan

The couple had boarded a boat with others looking to explore the sight. The trip had included diving to have a more in-depth experience as well. After the day’s diving was completed, the boat returned to the shore after a headcount. Although,  something went horribly wrong, and it was later discovered that the couple was not on board the Outer Edge when it returned.

Gone Missing

The passports of Eileen and Tom were found on the dive boat. Credit: QLD Police

A bag belonging to the married couple was discovered on the ship two days later. This led to the theory that Eileen and Tom resurfaced from the third of three dives to discover the boat had left without them. A widespread air and sea search ensued in the days that followed, but the couple was sadly never found.

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