The Remake of “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” Has Some Difficulties

Although Aspyr has been mum about the situation, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier recently announced that the remake had been postponed indefinitely. However, it appears that Schreier was correct because KOTOR is unquestionably in trouble.

The day the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic reboot was announced is one I cherish. the enthralling. the elation. When it was enjoyable, it was.

See below the game trailer for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

According to Schreier’s report, the game’s delay was caused by Sony and Lucasfilm’s dissatisfaction with the demo that was shown to them.

Afterwards, the game’s art director and design director were sacked, and Aspyr informed the game’s developers that they were seeking new employment possibilities.

Aspyr workers conjectured that Saber Interactive might take over development entirely when Saber Interactive was collaborating on the project. Well, it appears that ownership of development is indeed shifting.



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