The Nicest Thing That Has Ever Happened to a Woman Whose Memory “Resets” Every 24 Hours, According to Her

A woman whose memory “resets” every 24 hours wouldn’t have it any other way. Many people treasure childhood memories, times spent sobbing and laughing with friends or special moments with family members.

Memory Loss at its Finest

Versitude, then 31 years old, initially woke up memoryless in late 2021, forgetting the time, where she was, or even her own name.

Following a discussion with specialists, it was stated that her memory loss was the consequence of a “self-preservation mechanism” after her experiences with trauma. She had to rely on others to help fill in the blanks.

Versitude now has memory loss that is “like a blank sheet of paper” every day, to the point that even the person sleeping next to her is unknown.

Although there were, of course, a “few glitches” when Versitude’s memory first started to reset, she met her future spouse while she was in the hospital.

Every time Versitude was greeted by her companion, it was as if it were the first time they had met, just like in Adam Sandler’s comedy 50 First Dates, a movie Versitude adores.

Good Thing Her Partner’s Reliable

Even though her boyfriend is “very tolerant,” Versitude has acknowledged that it can be unsettling to wake up next to someone she doesn’t instantly recognize. Versitude’s fiancée, who is accustomed to this daily reset, helps clear up her doubt by using precise words and expressions to reassure Versitude that she is her fiancée and that they are “going to get married.”

Versitude has procedures in place to help her recall things from one day to the next, to help support her fiancée’s claims. She works with a management team that can support her with information and uses a list manager, a digital notebook, and a body camera to organize and record her day-to-day activities.

Versitude has had problems with authorities not believing her version of events and doubting her memory, allegedly even blaming her for things that have happened to her. After all she has gone through, Versitude doesn’t often communicate orally.

Versitude stated that as a result, she has gone through “enough to make anyone wish to forget,” and as a result, doctors think her memory resets because it “cannot be trusted” after several instances of people and organizations incorrectly assigning responsibility and challenging her opinions.

Regarding the good things, she gets to savor them all over again, getting to keep meeting her fiance and eating her favorite meals. She has no plans to try to get her memories back; instead, she will keep living each day as if it were her first, and she intends to spread the message that losing your memory is “not all doom and gloom.”

*Name has been altered to maintain confidentiality.