The Last of Us Anime Stuns Fans and Viewers

The Last of Us by Naughty Dog is being adapted for television by HBO. With Pedro Pascal playing Joel and Bella Ramsey playing Ellie, it’s kind of a huge deal, and everything we’ve seen from the sets and scenes has us really excited. But an anime adaptation is also planned to come!

One by the Fans

However, it is excused given that this is a fan-made initiative rather than a high-profile TV production. According to GamesRadar+, Portuguese artist Caro Oliveir, the official website, has been putting together a collection of anime-style interpretations of well-known The Last of Us sequences.

More to Come

Caro uploaded an extremely cool video of their Part II scene production process to YouTube. The majority of the photos on their Instagram account are of Caro. Our favorites are Joel’s tragic ending, the interaction between Dina and Ellie, and Marlene’s pleading with Joel at the conclusion of the first game.

While still being fan-made, it won’t be long before the producers and creators think of something that could be really similar to that path. Anime has been a huge deal over the years, and who’s to say an anime of The Last of Us won’t bring in some serious dough?