The Last Letter to the Queen is Shared by a Man Claiming to be King Charles’ Son

The last letter King Charles sent to the Queen has been revealed by a guy claiming to be the monarch’s forgotten son (or granny, to him).

The “proclaimed” son

Simon Dorante-Day, an Australian from Queensland, has been claiming for years that Charles and Camilla are his parents.

The 59-year-old engineer has attempted to get in touch with the royal family and has regularly given “proof” to support his ludicrous allegation.

Simon has chosen to release the final letter he wrote to the Queen back in November in light of her passing earlier this month.

He told, “I think it’s time – it’s time for the world to read this.”

“Up until now, I’ve kept the letter’s contents private, but now that she’s passed away, I feel it’s right to publish the last letter I wrote to her.

“I was disappointed that she had passed away without answering my message when she passed away. I was initially saddened by the fact that the window of opportunity had closed.

Simon, who has nine children of his own, used the letter as an opportunity to explain to the monarch why he is so certain that he is her grandson.

With both of his adoptive grandparents working for the Queen and Prince Phillip, Simon was born in the UK and placed for adoption at the age of eight months.

He claimed that his adopted grandparents, Winifred and Earnest Bowlden, “frequently spoke about the time they worked for the Royal household over the years of dwelling with the Day family.”

My adopted grandma Winifred revealed to me that my birth parents were your son Charles and his wife Camilla on my last trip to the UK in 1998.

He also explained how he thinks a series of medical operations he underwent as a child changed his appearance.

I can comprehend and, to a certain extent, forgive past deeds related to my existence, but I cannot forget what happened, he said.

“I believe that these measures were taken to hide my genuine identity.”

In closing the letter, he urged the monarch to halt “this global attack.”

He stated: “It would be stupid of me to assume that you are unaware of my assertions or that you have not been keeping up with current developments.

“You will all be informed of the activities I have just started taking and the kind of attention this has already gotten as a result.

“I am writing to seek for your help in coming out, addressing this matter, and putting an end to this worldwide onslaught on behalf of myself, my family, and my community.

“May God grant you the courage to speak up.”

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