The iOS 16 Upgrade for the iPhone Has Received Criticism for a Major Battery Problem

iOS 16, Apple’s most recent operating system for its devices, was introduced last week (12 September).

Woah Battery Problems

A number of new capabilities were incorporated in the most recent software update released by the tech giant, including the ability to amend a message for up to 15 minutes after sending it and changing your lock screen throughout the day.

Apple consumers have expressed unhappiness with the most recent update, with many citing low battery life after installing it.

Social media has been a popular place for people to voice their grievances. One user tweeted: “PSA: don’t update your iPhone to iOS 16. The battery life is rubbish.”

A second added: “ios 16 is murdering my battery.”

And, a third said: “Don’t update to iOS 16 if you value your battery life 100% -> 34% in 20 minutes.”

Apple Support urged consumers to exercise patience when new updates are issued and mentioned that it sometimes takes a few days for the battery life to balance out after an update has been loaded after a similar battery life issue was raised with the iOS 15.4 upgrade in March.

It’s typical for your apps and functions to need adjusting for up to 48 hours after an update, Apple Support stated in March.

One user backed up this assertion by claiming that the problem with the battery life resolved itself after a few days.

“Battery life was awful for the first two to three days following the iOS 16 update, then it settled, and now it’s okay,” they wrote on Twitter.

In response to a query regarding iOS 16 battery concerns, Apple Support advised the user to send a direct message to their Twitter account for a potential fix.

The manufacturer and its associated help website have not yet released an official statement regarding the battery problem that many users have raised.

The IT company provides a helpful section on their website to assist with power conservation for those having trouble.

According to the help page for iPhone users, “Using Wi-Fi and adjusting screen brightness are two easy ways to preserve battery life, regardless of how you use your smartphone.”

The help page continues by mentioning tried-and-true methods for Apple customers to extend battery life, like turning on low power mode.

In response to user complaints, Apple just published the second beta of iOS 16.1, changing the battery indicator from 16.0.

The new visual indication lets Apple users see their exact charge in the top right corner when using their phone.

16.1 will be available to all Apple users in the coming weeks.



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