The Haunted Beaches of Singapore

Beaches in Singapore are popular with tourists, but what they don’t realize is that they’re also a popular spot for spooking. After all, the coasts of Singapore have witnessed catastrophes, and it would come as no surprise to learn that certain spirits are still unable to move on. Let’s check out a couple of these beaches right here!

East Coast Park

Sentosa Beach, Singapore, Rope Bridge

There is a legend that claims that a girl was horribly killed at this beach. A lot of visitors and locals have claimed to see the spirit of the girl while at the beach itself. They mostly saw the spirit around the tower, while an investigation team was able to speak to the spirit for about an hour.

Labrador Park

Singapore, Beach, Sunrise, Coastal, Sky

This beach has been known to be a great spot for fishing and for tourism as well. Although, it’s been said that a lot of people were slain here by the Japanese, thus countless souls have been wandering the area ever since. Reports state that fishermen had quite the encounters when they were doing their job at night time.

During some of our visits, it might be a good idea to steer clear of these beaches once night falls, or even during the wee hours. A vacation may be great and all but it wouldn’t be worth it if we had one huge scare of a lifetime while trying to relax.