The Harry Potter Home’s Owner is Tired of Fans Pounding on the Door

Millions of fans have a particular place in their hearts for Harry Potter. The world of witchcraft and magic, however, has proven to be a bit of a hassle for one homeowner.

Cons of Having Harry Potter House

The resident, who has chosen to remain unknown, resides in the home that served as the inspiration for 4 Privet Drive in the popular movie series.

For those who don’t know, the Dursley family and their nephew Harry Potter lived in the fictional house.

Given its legendary stature, it is perhaps not surprising that the actual property in Bracknell, Berkshire, has drawn much of interest from Potterheads.

But the owner of the home isn’t impressed by the constant fanfare.

In an interview with The Sun, they shared their exasperation saying: 

“We’ve had people in floods of tears. It’s bizarre. The kids, you get it. But obviously the adults. They dress up sometimes in full gear and recreate scenes.

“There was one time somebody tried to climb the fence. That was when we were like ‘oh my god, don’t do that!’

“We are accommodating though. I’ve moved my cars for people that want a good photo.”

They added: “I don’t mind. Harry Potter is amazing. I get that. But you do come home from work and they are all on your drive. It’s quite mad.

Frustrating Fans

“We knew what house we were buying except they didn’t really tell us. They didn’t tell us they are here all day, every day. It’s constant.”

The house previously went on the market in 2016, before the owner withdrew it.

According to reports, a nearby house sold for £650,000, about £200,000 above the asking price.

The owner went on: “You open the curtains in the morning. You don’t get used to it. It’s really weird.

“Ten is the maximum we’ve had but people come in groups. People come in cars and it’s all day and sometimes at night. The school holidays are the worst. Last week we had loads of people knocking on the door. It’s more of the fact that it’s a constant stream.

“It’s one of those franchises after all these years that is still just as crazy. Sometimes I just don’t get it.

“Most people do knock on the door and ask if they can take a photo, but some people don’t bother.

“I feel sorry for the neighbours because they are on their driveways trying to get a good photo.

“People have travelled miles. From all over the world. People are sometimes really awkward. We are used to it, but not used to it in a way.”

Harry had to dwell in a cupboard under the stairs when he lived with the Dursleys at first before being given a spare bedroom.

The owner disclosed: “The cupboard is still here. It hasn’t been touched. Harry Potter might as well still live here. We just keep junk in it. Coats. Ironing board. Hoover.

“We have thought about recreating it into the cupboard.”

Only one of the movies really included the genuine house, although the street was re-created on a set for further films.

At the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, fans can tour that set.



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