The Flash Reshoots and More to Have Ezra Miller Return

For The Flash reshoots, Ezra Miller apparently came back. The controversial Justice League actor has reportedly returned to The Flash’s set after being asked to apologize for their recent actions, per The Wrap.

Better Days

Miller has already returned to the set, which suggests that everything went really well. Additionally, it’s said that the movie has been screening well, providing Warner Bros. a strong justification to patch things up with Miller and move forward.

Some Unfortunate Events

Miller has seen a number of unsettling allegations made about his behavior over the past few months, some of which have even led to arrests and police involvement. They face other legal matters in Hawaii, Massachusetts, and North Dakota, as well as burglary charges in Vermont.

When the actor abruptly erased their Instagram account and appeared to disappear, it garnered national attention. However, Miller issued an apology in August and acknowledged that they have “mental health” problems.



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