The “Biggest Plane in the World” Gets Taken Down by Russia

Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine about four days ago, deploying thousands of troops across the border. Since then, scores of clashes have occurred between Ukrainian and Russian forces, resulting in a lot of tragedy. And in recent news, Russia has also shut down the biggest plane in the world permanently.

Burned Down

The Antonov AN-225 ‘Mriya,’ the ‘biggest transport plane in the world’ and the only one of its kind, was purportedly destroyed by Russian forces during a combat at Hostomel airport, roughly an hour outside Kyiv. Two Antonov personnel informed Ukrainian radio station Radio Svoboda that the jet was ignited in a hanger and burned down during the attack.

Coming Back Strong

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister had confirmed that the largest plane in the world has been permanently decommissioned, but has assured that the country will still remain and come out on top.

Make sure you check out the whole video about the news right here and see how it all would turn out!