Tekken 8 Finally Gets Revealed and Announced

After a tease last month, Tekken 8 has now been properly unveiled. An in-engine trailer for the game, which was unveiled at Sony’s most recent State of Play, saw some of its fighters engaged in a tense rain-soaked battle. Even though it was only mentioned during the demo for the PlayStation 5, it has subsequently been confirmed on the Xbox Series X|S, and for PC through Steam.

More Than a Tease

While the teaser may appear to be a pre-rendered cinematic, game director Katsuhiro Harada notes in a post on the PlayStation blog that it actually features footage generated in real-time on the PlayStation 5. That doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s actual gameplay, but according to Harada, the video was taken from a draft of Tekken 8’s story mode.

Bigger and Better

This is the first time a new Tekken project has been publicly announced after being teased at EVO last month. Since 2017’s Tekken 7, which we praised in a 9.5/10 review as “a hallmark fighting game that’s both accessible and extremely technical, with great customization options,” this will be the first new mainline Tekken title.

Make sure you check out the trailer of it right here!



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